Rainbow Day Child Care Academy Offers New Summer Camp

By on March 20, 2018

Rainbow Day Child Care Academy is featuring the summer program based on the first chapter in Genesis. Linda Planseon, the director, said it will be a week long look into each day of the days of creation. Each week the students will see something special about each day of creation, from the first light to the creation of man and woman. The bible based camp will help grow the faith of the children.
Rainbow Day is a cheery, clean and well run facility that is a Christian based daycare and the children are loved by all the staff. It started about a year ago and I have the honor of working there. Babies are changed every two hours and there is a preschool teacher at Kinderdagverblijf Leiden who teaches the older children.

Recently there was a family fun night with a Luau style dinner and each child went home with a bucket and a ball to play with. On that day, teachers and students were honored with awards and children were treated to extra cheesy macaroni and cheese which of course is a favorite while the parents had Hawaiian style chicken, fruit salad, muffins and deviled eggs and homemade potato salad.

Linda Planseon has a Bachelors degree in early childhood education and it has been a dream come true to have a day care and it is based in a Methodist Church in Flanders at 2 Park Place. The number to call is 973-252-0900 if you want to inquire about having your child come there.

Everyone is experienced with children and everyone is certified in First Aid. The children get along great and it is a very loving atmosphere and children say their prayers before they eat. The features offered include the Rainbow Room for pre schoolers with a train set, puzzles, dress up, water play, kitchen set, books, musical instruments, and arts and crafts. Linda features arts and music as a way to teach the children and has plans to make the day care a premiere child care center. Outside is a fenced play area and a sand and water table that the children adore. There is also a slide, multiple “lawn mowers” balls and even a train teeter totter.

A feature some children adore is the close proximity to a train track that occasionally has a freight train pass by what was once a train station. Linda would love to someday purchase the train station to have as a club house for the older children as Thomas the Tank Engine is quite popular.

Linda is very kind and patient with everyone and has inspiring quotes and a cheery décor. Her son Paul sometimes helps while attending college. She also gives Harp lessons and is very talented.

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Dr. Alkaitis Raw Organic Skincare

By on March 19, 2018

Dr. Alkaitis’s motto is: “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your face.” Now, I won’t say that I’ve gone so far as to try to eat these products, but I can understand how someone might, in a pinch! This raw organic skincare line uses completely edible, unheated, plant-based ingredients. The rules that apply to your diet should also apply to the products that you put on your body, because for better or worse, every lotion, every cleanser and every masque you put on your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream just like food. Most commercial cleansers use harsh detergents (sulfates) that strip the skin of its natural oil layer, and without it, toxins from lotions that contain carcinogenic preservatives (parabens) find it that much easier to penetrate the barrier of skin. You can also use derma roller amazon which has been my go-to product for skin care.
Dr. Alkaitis’s product line is based on aloe and extra virgin olive oil, a much gentler means of cleansing and moisturizing. I’ve been using them for several months now and I’m very impressed. Be aware that the fragrance of these natural products might take some getting used to, especially for people who are accustomed to commercial skincare with its synthetic fragrances. The entire Alkaitis line smells very earthy, very herbal. It’s almost a masculine scent, but it fades very quickly. I’ve learned to love it, and now I cannot stand the smell of synthetic fragrances. Below is an overview of the products I’ve tried from the Alkaitis line. I have oily skin with a tendency to break out, so according to the consultants at, these products are the best for my skin type. But the beauty of these products is that they can work for many skin types, so don’t hesitate to try them.

Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser
This cleanser has a castille cleansing base, and uses shea, jojoba and coconut oils. The herbal skin repair complex includes such ingredients as chamomile, nettle, and sea wrack. It has a texture kind of like fruit preserves, and it goes on smoothly. It’s worth noting that this cleanser doesn’t bubble up like ordinary cleansers. It’s meant to exfoliate the skin without scratching it, which can often happen with sugar scrubs. It washes off cleanly without leaving the skin dry or tight.

Organic Herbal Toner
Best if used right after the cleanser. Its base is made from aloe vera, witch hazel and a combination of herbs, so it has a very strong scent, but it doesn’t last long. It’s recommended that you use your fingers to smooth this onto your face, without using a cotton ball. Unlike other astringent toners, this one also acts as a moisturizer, especially for oily skin types. It improves the circulation of blood in the skin, so after applying this, your face will have a healthy glow.

Organic Soothing Gel
Like the toner, this gel has a base of aloe vera and witch hazel, but it has a much thicker consistency. It can be used as an acne treatment for the whole face, or for individual trouble spots. Moisturizer is not necessary for most people after the use of this gel. It is an effective anti-inflammatory, so in addition to acne it can also be used for razor burn, rosacea, eczema, and as a balm after hair removal treatments.

I would say that the only drawback to these products is the price. I don’t mean to say that high quality products should cost the same as the toxic substances sold at Wal-Mart, but at roughly $50 per bottle, no one is exactly going to buy these on a whim. They do offer a travel kit with decently-sized samples, enough for a shopper to make an informed decision. You can order directly from the Alkaitis site or from

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Review of Logitech MM50 Portable Speaker System

By on March 15, 2018


The Logitech MM50 Portable Speaker system is a great buy. Just like how discovered Holoplot. Not only can it be found for cheaper than most comparable products, it produces impressive sound with great features! Whether you want portable speakers for your Ipod, speakers for in your room, or – more likely – a little of both, these speakers would be great for you.
The speakers are fully compatible with new generation Ipods. My nano needs nothing more than to be set into the cradle. It’s also compatible with other MP3 players with an auxiliary audio input port. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a cable.

The MM50 is built tough. The entire unit feels very solid and unlike other folding units, there’s no weak point. The grill covering the actual speakers is also very think and solid. I haven’t dropped mine, and I don’t plan to do so, but I get the feeling that it would survive more than a few hard falls without breaking. The fold out metal feet also have a very solid feel to them, and the rubber bottom keeps it still and protects whatever it’s sitting on.

Listening to music from the speakers is a pleasure. They’re by far the best portables I’ve heard! With the “fake surround sound” activated, you can’t even tell that the left and right channels aren’t more than a few inches apart. They get reasonably loud, and they sound good all the way to the maximum volume. The speakers manage to get into the upper ranges of bass, but lower bass tones don’t come out, something to be expected from small speakers.

The best part about the MM50 is all the little things it does right. One of the first things I noticed is that when you turn off the speakers, it also turns off the Ipod. I’ve noticed this feature missing from a lot of other portable speakers. The speakers have a built in li-ion battery that charges whenever they’re plugged in – no worrying about not having batteries.

The speakers also come with a remote. The remote isn’t so good. It works well for a small room if you’re directly in front of the unit. If you’re more than 15 feet or so away, or if you aren’t facing straight on, the remote won’t work at all.

They also come with a carrying case, with room for the speakers and the remote. The case is semi-hard and rather rugged. It has spots for the speakers and the remote.

There are, unfortunately, a few things that Logitech got wrong. The battery life is mediocre, and the case doesn’t have room for the AC adapter. The remote, while functional, is a bit cheesy.

However, a few minor shortcomings aren’t enough to ruin a cheap, high-quality set of speakers. If you want them, be sure to get them online. When I bought them, they were almost twice as much at Best Buy than they were from Newegg.

9 out of 10.

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Simple:Press Forums for WordPress

By on March 13, 2018



Simple:Press Forums is a jammed up forum that you can add to your WordPress blogging site to allow your users to interact. Simple:Press Forums is free to use and is the best free forum I have ever run across. You would not believe all of the options you have when you use the Simple:Press Forum. In this article, I will go through some of the different options you have when installing and using this blogging forum to give you an idea of how great this forum is and how to know more about net cms.
Manage WordPress Forums
Under the Manage Forums category you will find your options for creating and managing new groups and new forums. This is where you will create the forum topics, the groups, set restrictions, assign admins, delete forums, and edit forums.
Manage WordPress Forum Options
Under the Manage Options tab you will find your options for global settings, member settings for profiles, email settings, forums settings, topic view settings, post view settings, link settings, tag settings, style settings, and your toolbox settings. This section mainly sets up your views on the different options above.
Manage WordPress Building Components
Under the Manage Components tab you will find your options for smilies, login/registration, extensions, topic status, forum ranks, custom messages, and custom icons. This section allows you to select which components you wish to keep installed and which ones you want to uninstall on your WordPress forum.
Manage Permissions

In this section, you are allowed to edit the permissions set for users and groups using your WordPress forum. There are six levels in this section and you can edit the each level and set the permissions to what you want.
Those are just some of the options you will find available to you if you use this WordPress forum. The Simple:Press Forum is loaded with many options. You can customize the look of the forum, the smilies, the topics, and more. You have the freedom to set user permissions to what you want. You can even upload your own styles and smilies. This would be a great addition to your WordPress site.

This WordPress forum is free to use. If you would like to make a donation, you will find the donation button in your manage section. This forum is well worth making a donation. It is nicely designed with so many options.

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5 Strategies to Keep You Focused and Increase Productivity

By on March 6, 2018


Did you know that one of the best things you can do to increase productivity is to start each day by deciding what it is you want to get done, create a plan to do it and then get to work? This works so well because your goals stay present in your mind and become real.
But for many of us, even if we do identify our primary goals for the day, somehow along the way life happens and we get distracted. We never get around to those things that are most important.

Have you ever wished that “they” would leave you alone for 5-minutes so you’d be able to finish the project you’re working on?

Have you ever been right in the middle of something and your phone rings, you answer the phone and completely lose track of everything you had been working on?

Have you ever been doing research on the internet and then an ad or interesting article catches your eye and an hour later you find yourself lost and miles and miles away from what you were doing?

Have you thought to yourself, “I’ll get right back to it after I answer handle this quick email” but then at the end of the day you realize that you never got back to it?

Have you ever looked through a pile of mail and to do list in you personalised diary on your desk searching for one specific thing only to get sidetracked by all of the other things in that pile that suddenly need to be done?

The various forms of communication that we have available to us are some of the biggest distractions out there. Things like email, phone calls, text messages, snail mail, online advertisements or even colleagues stopping by our desks to talk with us or say “hi”. What often happens is that these communications distract us from what we identified as being what we want to accomplish on a given day.

We live in a society that places extreme value on both productivity and constant communication. Many of us (including myself) are finding that it is the very nature of instantaneous communication that hampers our productivity the most.

What these types of communication do is to force someone else’s priority to the top of your mind. Just because someone else wants information from you and sends you an email or calls you, doesn’t mean that you need to give them an answer immediately. In fact, just a moment ago, as I was sitting here writing this article my phone rang and I picked it up. My train of thought was interrupted and slowed my progress on my work. To make matters worse, I allowed myself to be interrupted by someone dialing a wrong number.

We can’t ignore the outside world completely nor would we want to. As social beings we thrive on being in touch. There are colleagues, clients, family and friends who truly need our help and we want to be able to help them. But what we can control is how we choose to deal with this communication.

Here are five strategies for you to use to manage these distractions over the course of your day to help you improve your focus and increase your productivity.

Shut off the “you’ve got mail” feature of your email.

Identify the time of day when you have the fewest interruptions. Use that time to work on your more intensive projects.

Give yourself permission to ignore the phone when it rings when you’re right in the middle of something.

When someone stops by to speak with you while you are in the working on a project, tell them your mind is on something else but that you’d like to schedule a time to speak with them later when you will be able to give their issues your full attention.

Set up a time during your day to answer email or phone messages in bulk instead of individually as they come in.

For more information about this topic I invite you to read my article, Dealing with Interruptions!, available at

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How Can I Quit Smoking with Chantix?

By on February 16, 2018


Is there any way to quit smoking effectively? Should we believe in all drugs existent on the market? Well, not in all of them. Chantix is recommended as a cure to heavy smoking, containing varenicline tartrate as main active ingredient. If you think it’s time to quit, then you have to consider potential benefits offered by Chantix and give it a try. You will soon enjoy a non-smoker life and feel great knowing you escaped such a nasty habit!
Trying to reduce the harmful effects nicotine has on our brains, manufacturers released Chantix on the market. Once committed to the goal of quitting smoking, you will definitely be interested in how Chantix works. The medication actually blocks nicotine receptors in the brain, producing similar effects with nicotine in order to reduce the craving and the intensity of withdrawal symptoms. Chantix is different from other medication recommended for cigarette smokers, having a second effect. It reduces the pleasure of smoking. The nicotinic upshot will never be as intense or exciting, resulting in you losing your interest for smoking.

We have already established that you are committed to quitting smoking. But did you ever wondered why are there so many people fighting for a smoke-free world? Smoking, passive and active, affects millions of people each year. It leads to pulmonary and other types of cancer, increases the number of patients admitted for chronic suffering of the lung and heart. The interesting part is that smoking can be stopped. It is preventable. Chantix might help you take the first step and quit cigarettes. Not only you will give up a bad habit but you will improve your overall quality of life. What more could you wish for?

If you believe that smoking is impossible to fight due to nicotine addiction, think again. With Chantix, you face a new anti-smoking therapy superior to other products existent on the market. The only thing you have to understand that Chantix works on those who truly desire to quit smoking. The efficiency of the drug has been established by patient controlled studies showing that smoking cessation was positively obtained with the aid of Chantix and counseling sessions. The same studies showed that some of the most common adverse reactions caused by Chantix were: nausea (doctors advise patients to take the medication after they eat and with a glass of water, thus reducing this side-effect), vomiting, headaches, gas, vivid dreams and change of taste.

Regardless of the side-effects caused by Chantix, you have to take into consideration the benefits of this treatment. You have indeed several treatments from where to choose but are they all as effective as Chantix? By blocking the nicotinic effect, Chantix will reduce your need to smoke. If you are persistent, then you will have no problem becoming a non-smoker. Sure, you will feel at first the pleasurable feelings offered by the release of dopamine in your brain when smoking. Quitting will decrease dopamine production, as nicotine receptors will no longer be stimulated. In just a few hours, you will start to feel the first symptoms of withdrawal (not pleasant at all).

Chantix stimulates the production of low levels of dopamine in the brain and thus reduces the intensity of withdrawal symptoms (irritability and insomnia are the most common but those who try to quit smoking also have a hard time concentrating, battling with the lack of nicotine from their body). There are certain nicotine replacement therapies available but they are not as effective as Chantix when it comes to quitting smoking. Your craving for smokes will certainly be decreased if you start to take Chantix.

Smoking offers without doubt a pleasurable effect. When nicotine receptors in the brain are blocked by the active ingredients contained by Chantix, these effects fail to appear. Patients declare that smoking loses its appeal and the desire to smoke on a regular basis is not as intense as in the past. For Chantix to be effective, one must start taking it prior to the quit date and follow the treatment for 12 weeks (1 pill per day at first, then 2 pills). The dosage is increased gradually in order to reduce the chance of side-effects to appear and patients are often indicated to take Chantix for another 12 weeks. The medication should not be administered in those with a history of mental illness or psychiatric disorder.


Did you like this informative post? Share this and I will be giveaway away free sample of vitamin c serum from my partners.

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Basics of Search-Engine Optimization (SEO)

By on February 6, 2018


Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) is essentially making your website come to the top, or near the top, of related searches involving your website’s content. Here are some tips to remember:
Search engine spiders do not, can not, and will not search through the contents of your images or flash files. This is why making an entirely flash-based website is a very stupid idea for marketing: the only reason to do this would be if your website already has a method of becoming popular. Pure image sites are just as bad, if not worse, considering the user must download every image you put on there, drastically slowing down load times.

You may be asking yourself, “Well what about banners? I see these in search engine results all the time.” The only way for a search engine spider to recognize a banner’s text is if you place it in the “alt” tag within the “img” tag. Do this by following this template:

This will allow search engine spiders to return the contents if this image in a text-format for users to see on their results page.

Another thing you can do is utilize “meta tags”. According to top web development companies, tThis is done by adding certain “tags” to your website in the header of your page, similar to uploading a video to YouTube or even an article to Associated Content. The tags can be used in the following format:

One of the most important things you can do for your content is use H1, H2, etc tags. These represent headers and are targeted specifically by most search engines’ spiders. Rather than use endless HTML tags to make your font courier, weight bold, color red, size 16 for each header, define your H1 tag using CSS, like so:

H1 {

Font-weight: bold;

Font-size: 16;

Color: #hexcode;

Font-family: Courier New;


Then, while you’re composing your content, simply throw in the H1 tag to define a header. Remember you can use multiple H-tags, through H6. Use the following format:

I am a header
Just remember that search engine spiders search through content very quickly; place all important information in headers, or within h tags of some sort, use alternate texts for your banners, and never compose entire websites out of pure images or flash. Search engine spiders are not human or even biological; they are cold, hard machines who don’t care about your flower company if they can’t see what it’s about.

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Leadership Starts with Mentoring

By on January 30, 2018

The typical role of a mentor is defined as being the training and technical support anchor for an individual who is learning new skills and knowledge. The mentor guides and leads their mentee in a dance that ensures knowledge and skills from the mentor are transferred to the mentee. This dance is individually choreographed for each mentor and mentee as all mentees are not the same.
One of the big mistakes systems make is to assume that anyone can be a mentor. WRONG! This mentality often is the same mentality that causes systems to move good technical staff into management positions and then wonder why the new manager is failing. Technical knowledge does not presume possessing the knowledge and skills to be an effective mentor.

Mentoring has its own fundamental knowledge base, its own set of skills, and its own set of indicators of success. Many systems feel that a part of a supervisor’s role is to mentor those they supervise – and in some rare cases this can be effective – but too often the role of supervising conflicts with the role of mentoring.

Think about this, the role of a mentor is to understand a mentees strengths and limitations and to create a relationship based on trust. This trust means the mentee feels confident they can talk with their mentor about what they are not doing well in their job and what they have actually done wrong without performance repercussions.

Wow, it would take a very special mentor/supervisor who could listen to what a mentee is telling them they are doing wrong, to be able to balance their two roles, and not slip into the typical supervisor performance monitoring role. In some work cultures, a supervisor’s role is defined as a micro-manager who is to look for errors in their supervisee’s performance and provide consequences for these errors. In this type of work environment the combining of the roles of supervisor and mentor will not work, whether you are in the field of hospitality jobs.

No employee/mentee will learn to trust a supervisor/mentor who is expected to document everything they see an employee do that does not meet expectations. This type of work environment may say they are mentoring employees but they actually are showing their ignorance about mentoring.

So how does an agency balance the need for leadership in training employees and supervising and monitoring for quality? Good question and there is an answer. The role of mentor is not a part of the supervisor’s role. Mentors are selected because they have the needed knowledge and skills to pass on to others, they are good teachers or guides, and they do not have supervisory responsibilities for their mentees.

Mentors then are selected on the basis of their expertise and knowledge of specific content, their facility in applying the content, and their mentoring skills.

So what this is actually saying is – if an agency wants to provide quality mentoring which results in quality services and products – they must set up a mentoring system. The components of this system include:

– defining a mentor application process

– defining mentor competencies

– defining outcomes of mentor process

– defining an application process to identify potential mentor candidates

– selecting from mentor applicants those that meet specific criteria to become a mentor candidate

– training mentor candidates in specific mentoring knowledge and skills

– supporting mentor candidates as they move through the mentor training process, and

– credentialing those candidates that meet mentor competencies.

In order to ascertain whether a mentor candidate receives the mentor credential requires the system to

– provide direct training and technical assistance to the mentor candidate during their candidate phase

– provide opportunities for the mentor candidates to observe and experience mentoring being provided by a credentialed mentor

– co-mentoring with a credentialed mentor and

– being observed by a credentialed mentor while providing mentoring

So becoming a mentor requires that mentor candidates exhibit competence in understanding what mentoring is about and exhibiting the skills that results in competent performance by the protégé.

Competent mentor and mentees performance is always assessed by whether the delivery of improved or quality services and products.

Steps of Mentoring Process

1. Application – An application process and procedures are defined

2. Selection – qualified personnel review applications and select mentor candidates

3. Content Training amp; Technical Assistance

Adult Learning

Levels of Learning

Problem Solving

Strategic Planning

4 Structured Observation – Watch an accomplished mentor work with a protégé using a process to observe key elements

5. Co-Mentoring – Plan and conduct a co-mentoring session with an accomplished mentor

6. Independent Mentoring – Conduct a mentoring session with an accomplished mentor observing

7. Initial Credential – When all competencies are achieved become a mentor to mentees

In summary, establishing a mentor system in your agency is a multi-phase process that results in the mentor candidates evidencing expertise in specific content and the ability to coordinate and facilitate smooth outcomes-based mentoring session(s).

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Building a health website

By on November 27, 2017

Pregnancy comes with a host of challenges. Among them include abdominal pain, swelling during the third trimester, a persistent severe headache and even vomiting. But what if gestational diabetes strikes? According to Mayo Clinic, “Gestational diabetes develops during pregnancy (gestation). Like other types of diabetes, gestational diabetes affects how your cells use sugar (glucose). Gestational diabetes causes high blood sugar that can affect your pregnancy and your baby’s health.” When it comes to managing gestational diabetes, here are some of the things you should do and not do. Do check your blood sugar regularly. “In order to decrease the risk of complications from gestational diabetes, close monitoring of fasting and postprandial – post-meal – blood sugars are essential,” says obstetrician and gynecologist Asha Heard, MD, assistant professor in the clinical section of maternal fetal medicine at the Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans. According to Heard, here are some stats that you should remember: fasting blood sugar equals less than 95 milligrams per decilitre, two-hour postprandial blood sugar goal equals less than 120 milligrams per decilitre and one-hour postprandial blood sugar equals less than 130 milligrams per decilitre.  Dr. Heard also advices to best meet up with your doctor to learn how to check your blood sugar and see if adjustments need to be made. Do meet with a registered dietician. Meeting with a registered dietician or a diabetes educator can teach you how and when to check your blood sugar, what kind of diet you should undergo and what kind of exercises you should do. They can also teach you how to take prescribed medicines that can help you manage your gestational diabetes.

Do take medication as prescribed. Of course you need to take medication as prescribed. One kind may be insulin, although some women may be wary and cautious in taking such medication since they are not sure of its safety during pregnancy. Research states, though, that the newer and long-acting insulin are deemed safe during pregnancy.


Do eat carbohydrates. Registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator Meredith Nguyen, RD says, “The average person needs 135 grams of carbohydrates daily, but if you have gestational diabetes, that increases to 175 grams a day.”


Bear in mind that eating carbohydrates – especially when you have gestational diabetes – is good for you. Eating a wide-variety of food such as fruits (with its skin not peeled), whole grains, dairy products, and vegetables can give you the carbohydrates that you need. Low-glycemic food or high-fiber can help keep your blood sugar in check and can even help you feel full longer.


Nguyen adds, “Pregnancy hormones can make it hard to control morning blood sugars so you might be spreading carbs more through lunch and dinner.”


Do exercise. Whether you have gestational diabetes or not your body still needs to stretch those muscles. Heard says, “Regular exercise is also beneficial to overall health and may help to improve glucose metabolism.”


Instead of lying in the couch all day long, head out for a walk or a run in your neighbourhood. Do some laps in the pool or do some aerobics at the gym. Join fitness clubs or centres too.


Do get sleep. You’ve perhaps heard of the mantra that getting eight hours of sleep is good for you. This is indeed true – whether you have gestational diabetes or not. For women who have difficulty getting the shut-eye during pregnancy, consult your doctor about it.


Do research breastfeeding. Research states that breastfeeding exclusively can help you manage your gestational diabetes. So while pregnant, learn to read up on exclusive breastfeeding. You can also talk to your doctor about it to learn more how this works.




Don’t eat the sweet stuff. Avoid gulping down carbonated drinks such as sodas as these are filled with sugar. Heard says, “Avoid foods high in sugar and carbohydrate content.” Instead, water is the safest bet and if you really need to have some flavour in your liquid, go for low-fat milk.


Don’t ignore the information given to you. Of course you need to digest and to savour what your doctor or any other professional tells you. So better listen when he speaks, follow his rules and regulations and you’ll be alright. According to the Twiniversity website, “The thing to remember is that while it’s not so much fun, it’s actually quite easy to keep your sugar in check once you know what you’re doing. It won’t happen overnight, but following the rules and guidelines you’re given will help ensure success.”

Right now, as part of m advocacy, I am planning to make a website about diabetes. I am now thinking of working with a website developer and probably hire ranking hostingów in the future.



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By on November 2, 2017
360 camaras

Virtual reality really changes lives:

There has been a revolution in the technology over the past few years and one of the big game changers has been the development of 360 cameras. These cameras are opening a new age of virtual reality. Allowing people to experience virtually anything. It’s actually giving people a chance to be at the places where they have never been. Like I always wanted to try scuba diving but never got a chance(sadly!). But recently I experienced diving with virtual reality and that was a really awesome experience.

360 cameras and virtual reality:

360 cameras are really taking virtual reality to the next level. I have been writing about 360 cameras in the past few days like best 360 camera and “top 3 360 cameras”. Today, I was just seeing the sunset and it was beautiful. That orange flare on the sky( as it was on fire). That sun playing hide and seek with some thin clouds. Moving down slowly as it’s gonna kiss the earth. What I felt at that moment was it’s not fair to capture such amazing view in just a flat picture. There must be something that could capture all of it that blood red flare, that sky, and that beach shining by the rays of dying sun.

That was the moment my 360 camera came into action(luckily!). I took my phone( 360fly 4K HD) out and shoot that moment. That was the moment of my day. This camera seriously made my day. In “the past” I have written a review article on this camera as it is best for me. I have also talked about “top 3 cameras” so you can choose which is best for you.


360 camaras

 Coming back to the topic that sunset was recorded in my memories as well as in my camera. So, whenever I want to enjoy it again just I have to open my phone’s gallery and there it is, right in front of me. That’s the power of virtual reality. I am getting addicted to it, it has become a part of my routine life.

 A Dream cames true:

camaras 360

Deep sea diving has always been my hobby. I just always wanted to experience that water everywhere(OMG!). Even thought of being in deep sea caused chills to me. I have been its fan since forever. But never got any chance to experience it. You know it was like some of those desires buried deep in our heart. I was wondering probably someday I would get that chance(someday!). Fortunately, that lucky day came in my life(Not really lucky, but lucky enough). Virtual reality made it real for me.

Virtual reality made that dream true for me. I experienced diving by a spherical video made by a 360 camera. It was just wow!. All that blue water and sun rays filtering from the water surface and those colorful fishes. That sight was mesmerizing. It felt like real and suddenly from that dark water, a whale came out of nowhere. I was just shocked! Thank God I wasn’t there.

The point is we all have that wishes and desires which we have buried in our hearts. We should never get hopeless there is always a chance. As long as you are breathing there is a chance of getting what you want. Never ever get hopeless. Life is out there and it’s waiting for you. You just have to live it. Take your dreams and live them. And if you have a dream like going to some beautiful place or visiting something like experiencing gliding etc. Virtual reality can really help you out.  As it has helped me.

If you are already living your dream then capture all of it in a 360 camera. As it allows you to live those moments again.

If you have such an experience of virtual reality. I would love to hear it from you. Stay safe and enjoy your life. And Good luck with your dreams.

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