Bookish Musings #6

February 10, 2012

Bookish Musings is a meme that addresses random bookish topics that are on my mind.
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We all love giveaways, no? Personally I love not only entering giveaways, but also hosting them. Giving books away is almost as thrilling as winning books. Everyone goes about entering/hosting giveaways in different ways. Sooo…this is a post that is exploring how I feel about various ways of entering and I am also seeking your opinions.

1. How to enter

Comments: Some people have people enter for giveaways via comments on a post, on average I do not mind this system. However when it is required to make multiple comments for any extra entries I think it gets to be a little bit crazy.
Google Forms: Personally, I prefer this option above the rest. It’s just the easiest, cleanest looking choice. I do really like these, very simple both to create and to fill-out.

2. Mandatory entries

Following: Unless it’s for a followers celebration giveaway, I do not think this should be mandatory. I like to follow blogs because I like them, not just because they had one giveaway that interested me. Random fact, I am more likely to follow a blog that does not require following for giveaways.

3. Extra entries

Following: I think asking to follow as an extra entry is perfectly acceptable. That way it is still completely up to the entrant as to whether or not they want to continue following the site.
Tweeting/Linking/Facebooking: All of these are also very cool with me. Personally my favorite is tweeting. It’s really just the easiest for me. I really, really love it when a tweet is provided that can just be copy & pasted! :D
Blogging: I don’t like to blog about giveaways, simply because I like my posts to just be more substantial. I do not want to fill up my post queue with posts just about several separate giveaways.

Needless to say I am completely grateful for everyone who hosts giveaways, and I am in no way trying to critique them. This is just a random post, about my preferences, and a way to perhaps see how you guys feel. :)


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