2 Gift Ideas For The Hubs

March 25, 2017

I can’t wait for my husband’s birthday this year. In previous years I have been so nervous. It’s so hard to select a gift for somebody you love. I love him a lot, but that does not mean that I always know exactly what to get him. Right now, I am considering two things: 1) I was browsing around on Survival cooking, who seems to give VERY WELL-WRITTEN reviews about a bunch of products for the outdoors. Those of you who know me and my hubby know that he is all about the camping and outdoors-y things. He loves tailgating, camping, and all the things like that. So I could get him a grill, a stove, a BBQ, something like that. Maybe a tent. OR 2) On the polar opposite side of things, I began looking at the best watches under 500. I know he is not the type to wear fancy things, but I think he would love to have a fancy accessory for classy business events, christmas parties, weddings, meetings, and things like that. He often tells me he feels like a bit of a slob because he doesn’t have anything nice– but then he never buys himself anything nice! The way I see it, sometimes you have to buy your people the thing they won’t buy themselves! I think that is what separates a truly GREAT gift from one that is just nice and good– you know? The fact that it is something that a person doesn’t even REALIZE that they ACTUALLY really really really want! Maybe I am overthinking it, but I think it is important to care about what we give to our loved ones. It is one of the special things in life that we really should not take for granted. I love him lots and hope he loves the gift! — Good thing he never reads my blog!!

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