I Love Photography

May 16, 2017

I think that it is kind of a beautiful thing, and it is something that gives me a lot of Hope for the future, and I hope that we can continue moving in this direction w, so that everybody has access to the same technology and entertainment. Also, not to mention, the fact that photography is one of these forms that is probably the most sensible to democratize in this way. I really believe in liberating these forms so that everybody can express themselves to these mediums, and everybody has an eagle shot at hitting it big with one of their photos, whether it be on Instagram or some other stuff photography site. There is a certain ability that only few people have, and ability to see things in a way that other people do not, and to unlock these mysterious ways of seeing the same thing, and a lot of people that don’t usually have the access to high-quality photography equipment may have that skill, as a matter of fact I would say many surely do. So, by allowing people to make beautiful mobile photos, with their cameras and then also with these filter apps and things like this, I think that we are doing a great service to society and members of society who wouldn’t usually have the chance to express themselves through these mediums. You know, at this point, there are actually entire films which are entered in film festivals and things like that that are filmed on mobile phones, and when you’re watching the film, you can’t even tell. You can’t even tell that it’s filmed on a mobile phone. It’s not like some kind of gimmick or something, it is literally just filmed on a mobile phone and it looks good that way. When I first saw the movie, I couldn’t even tell, but afterwards was somebody told me, I shouldn’t have been as shocked as I was.

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