How Can I Quit Smoking with Chantix?

February 16, 2018


Is there any way to quit smoking effectively? Should we believe in all drugs existent on the market? Well, not in all of them. Chantix is recommended as a cure to heavy smoking, containing varenicline tartrate as main active ingredient. If you think it’s time to quit, then you have to consider potential benefits offered by Chantix and give it a try. You will soon enjoy a non-smoker life and feel great knowing you escaped such a nasty habit!
Trying to reduce the harmful effects nicotine has on our brains, manufacturers released Chantix on the market. Once committed to the goal of quitting smoking, you will definitely be interested in how Chantix works. The medication actually blocks nicotine receptors in the brain, producing similar effects with nicotine in order to reduce the craving and the intensity of withdrawal symptoms. Chantix is different from other medication recommended for cigarette smokers, having a second effect. It reduces the pleasure of smoking. The nicotinic upshot will never be as intense or exciting, resulting in you losing your interest for smoking.

We have already established that you are committed to quitting smoking. But did you ever wondered why are there so many people fighting for a smoke-free world? Smoking, passive and active, affects millions of people each year. It leads to pulmonary and other types of cancer, increases the number of patients admitted for chronic suffering of the lung and heart. The interesting part is that smoking can be stopped. It is preventable. Chantix might help you take the first step and quit cigarettes. Not only you will give up a bad habit but you will improve your overall quality of life. What more could you wish for?

If you believe that smoking is impossible to fight due to nicotine addiction, think again. With Chantix, you face a new anti-smoking therapy superior to other products existent on the market. The only thing you have to understand that Chantix works on those who truly desire to quit smoking. The efficiency of the drug has been established by patient controlled studies showing that smoking cessation was positively obtained with the aid of Chantix and counseling sessions. The same studies showed that some of the most common adverse reactions caused by Chantix were: nausea (doctors advise patients to take the medication after they eat and with a glass of water, thus reducing this side-effect), vomiting, headaches, gas, vivid dreams and change of taste.

Regardless of the side-effects caused by Chantix, you have to take into consideration the benefits of this treatment. You have indeed several treatments from where to choose but are they all as effective as Chantix? By blocking the nicotinic effect, Chantix will reduce your need to smoke. If you are persistent, then you will have no problem becoming a non-smoker. Sure, you will feel at first the pleasurable feelings offered by the release of dopamine in your brain when smoking. Quitting will decrease dopamine production, as nicotine receptors will no longer be stimulated. In just a few hours, you will start to feel the first symptoms of withdrawal (not pleasant at all).

Chantix stimulates the production of low levels of dopamine in the brain and thus reduces the intensity of withdrawal symptoms (irritability and insomnia are the most common but those who try to quit smoking also have a hard time concentrating, battling with the lack of nicotine from their body). There are certain nicotine replacement therapies available but they are not as effective as Chantix when it comes to quitting smoking. Your craving for smokes will certainly be decreased if you start to take Chantix.

Smoking offers without doubt a pleasurable effect. When nicotine receptors in the brain are blocked by the active ingredients contained by Chantix, these effects fail to appear. Patients declare that smoking loses its appeal and the desire to smoke on a regular basis is not as intense as in the past. For Chantix to be effective, one must start taking it prior to the quit date and follow the treatment for 12 weeks (1 pill per day at first, then 2 pills). The dosage is increased gradually in order to reduce the chance of side-effects to appear and patients are often indicated to take Chantix for another 12 weeks. The medication should not be administered in those with a history of mental illness or psychiatric disorder.


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