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March 13, 2018



Simple:Press Forums is a jammed up forum that you can add to your WordPress blogging site to allow your users to interact. Simple:Press Forums is free to use and is the best free forum I have ever run across. You would not believe all of the options you have when you use the Simple:Press Forum. In this article, I will go through some of the different options you have when installing and using this blogging forum to give you an idea of how great this forum is and how to know more about net cms.
Manage WordPress Forums
Under the Manage Forums category you will find your options for creating and managing new groups and new forums. This is where you will create the forum topics, the groups, set restrictions, assign admins, delete forums, and edit forums.
Manage WordPress Forum Options
Under the Manage Options tab you will find your options for global settings, member settings for profiles, email settings, forums settings, topic view settings, post view settings, link settings, tag settings, style settings, and your toolbox settings. This section mainly sets up your views on the different options above.
Manage WordPress Building Components
Under the Manage Components tab you will find your options for smilies, login/registration, extensions, topic status, forum ranks, custom messages, and custom icons. This section allows you to select which components you wish to keep installed and which ones you want to uninstall on your WordPress forum.
Manage Permissions

In this section, you are allowed to edit the permissions set for users and groups using your WordPress forum. There are six levels in this section and you can edit the each level and set the permissions to what you want.
Those are just some of the options you will find available to you if you use this WordPress forum. The Simple:Press Forum is loaded with many options. You can customize the look of the forum, the smilies, the topics, and more. You have the freedom to set user permissions to what you want. You can even upload your own styles and smilies. This would be a great addition to your WordPress site.

This WordPress forum is free to use. If you would like to make a donation, you will find the donation button in your manage section. This forum is well worth making a donation. It is nicely designed with so many options.

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