Rainbow Day Child Care Academy Offers New Summer Camp

March 20, 2018

Rainbow Day Child Care Academy is featuring the summer program based on the first chapter in Genesis. Linda Planseon, the director, said it will be a week long look into each day of the days of creation. Each week the students will see something special about each day of creation, from the first light to the creation of man and woman. The bible based camp will help grow the faith of the children.
Rainbow Day is a cheery, clean and well run facility that is a Christian based daycare and the children are loved by all the staff. It started about a year ago and I have the honor of working there. Babies are changed every two hours and there is a preschool teacher at Kinderdagverblijf Leiden who teaches the older children.

Recently there was a family fun night with a Luau style dinner and each child went home with a bucket and a ball to play with. On that day, teachers and students were honored with awards and children were treated to extra cheesy macaroni and cheese which of course is a favorite while the parents had Hawaiian style chicken, fruit salad, muffins and deviled eggs and homemade potato salad.

Linda Planseon has a Bachelors degree in early childhood education and it has been a dream come true to have a day care and it is based in a Methodist Church in Flanders at 2 Park Place. The number to call is 973-252-0900 if you want to inquire about having your child come there.

Everyone is experienced with children and everyone is certified in First Aid. The children get along great and it is a very loving atmosphere and children say their prayers before they eat. The features offered include the Rainbow Room for pre schoolers with a train set, puzzles, dress up, water play, kitchen set, books, musical instruments, and arts and crafts. Linda features arts and music as a way to teach the children and has plans to make the day care a premiere child care center. Outside is a fenced play area and a sand and water table that the children adore. There is also a slide, multiple “lawn mowers” balls and even a train teeter totter.

A feature some children adore is the close proximity to a train track that occasionally has a freight train pass by what was once a train station. Linda would love to someday purchase the train station to have as a club house for the older children as Thomas the Tank Engine is quite popular.

Linda is very kind and patient with everyone and has inspiring quotes and a cheery décor. Her son Paul sometimes helps while attending college. She also gives Harp lessons and is very talented.

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