In Honor Blog Tour – Author This or That

Today, I am extremely excited to present Jessi Kirby, author of In Honor and Moonglass, who is here to share her answers to a series of ‘this or that’ questions.

Spring or Fall—Fall, a million times Fall.
Ocean or Lake—Ocean. Without a doubt.
Indoors or Outdoors –Outdoors
Teacher or Librarian: Tough one, but the win goes to Librarian.  Less essays to grade=more writing time Reading
YA or Adult Fiction—YA, though I do enjoy an occasional ‘grown up book’
Real or Make-Believe: Real. I spend much of my time in the make believe world in my head, but I prefer the real life I’m fortunate enough to have.
Bad Boy or Best Friend: Gonna cheat here—bad boy for a best friend. What’s not to love?
E-books or Hard copies—Hard copies. Forever.
Facebook or Twitter: I have to say, Twitter.
E-mail or Text: Email. I’m awful with my phone touchpad.
Male Narrator or Female Narrator: Female.  Though one day I’d like to try and write a male.
Cover of Moonglass or In Honor: Ooh, another tough one. Eek.  If I had to choose, it would be IN HONOR. That cover is definitely my style, right down to the boots and a dress.


Thanks for the delightful answers!

One Response to In Honor Blog Tour – Author This or That

  1. Nicola says:

    Fun post! I would choose a lot of the same answers too. Especially the email vs text one. :)