By on November 2, 2017
360 camaras

Virtual reality really changes lives:

There has been a revolution in the technology over the past few years and one of the big game changers has been the development of 360 cameras. These cameras are opening a new age of virtual reality. Allowing people to experience virtually anything. It’s actually giving people a chance to be at the places where they have never been. Like I always wanted to try scuba diving but never got a chance(sadly!). But recently I experienced diving with virtual reality and that was a really awesome experience.

360 cameras and virtual reality:

360 cameras are really taking virtual reality to the next level. I have been writing about 360 cameras in the past few days like best 360 camera and “top 3 360 cameras”. Today, I was just seeing the sunset and it was beautiful. That orange flare on the sky( as it was on fire). That sun playing hide and seek with some thin clouds. Moving down slowly as it’s gonna kiss the earth. What I felt at that moment was it’s not fair to capture such amazing view in just a flat picture. There must be something that could capture all of it that blood red flare, that sky, and that beach shining by the rays of dying sun.

That was the moment my 360 camera came into action(luckily!). I took my phone( 360fly 4K HD) out and shoot that moment. That was the moment of my day. This camera seriously made my day. In “the past” I have written a review article on this camera as it is best for me. I have also talked about “top 3 cameras” so you can choose which is best for you.


360 camaras

 Coming back to the topic that sunset was recorded in my memories as well as in my camera. So, whenever I want to enjoy it again just I have to open my phone’s gallery and there it is, right in front of me. That’s the power of virtual reality. I am getting addicted to it, it has become a part of my routine life.

 A Dream cames true:

camaras 360

Deep sea diving has always been my hobby. I just always wanted to experience that water everywhere(OMG!). Even thought of being in deep sea caused chills to me. I have been its fan since forever. But never got any chance to experience it. You know it was like some of those desires buried deep in our heart. I was wondering probably someday I would get that chance(someday!). Fortunately, that lucky day came in my life(Not really lucky, but lucky enough). Virtual reality made it real for me.

Virtual reality made that dream true for me. I experienced diving by a spherical video made by a 360 camera. It was just wow!. All that blue water and sun rays filtering from the water surface and those colorful fishes. That sight was mesmerizing. It felt like real and suddenly from that dark water, a whale came out of nowhere. I was just shocked! Thank God I wasn’t there.

The point is we all have that wishes and desires which we have buried in our hearts. We should never get hopeless there is always a chance. As long as you are breathing there is a chance of getting what you want. Never ever get hopeless. Life is out there and it’s waiting for you. You just have to live it. Take your dreams and live them. And if you have a dream like going to some beautiful place or visiting something like experiencing gliding etc. Virtual reality can really help you out.  As it has helped me.

If you are already living your dream then capture all of it in a 360 camera. As it allows you to live those moments again.

If you have such an experience of virtual reality. I would love to hear it from you. Stay safe and enjoy your life. And Good luck with your dreams.

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I Love Photography

By on May 16, 2017

I think that it is kind of a beautiful thing, and it is something that gives me a lot of Hope for the future, and I hope that we can continue moving in this direction w, so that everybody has access to the same technology and entertainment. Also, not to mention, the fact that photography is one of these forms that is probably the most sensible to democratize in this way. I really believe in liberating these forms so that everybody can express themselves to these mediums, and everybody has an eagle shot at hitting it big with one of their photos, whether it be on Instagram or some other stuff photography site. There is a certain ability that only few people have, and ability to see things in a way that other people do not, and to unlock these mysterious ways of seeing the same thing, and a lot of people that don’t usually have the access to high-quality photography equipment may have that skill, as a matter of fact I would say many surely do. So, by allowing people to make beautiful mobile photos, with their cameras and then also with these filter apps and things like this, I think that we are doing a great service to society and members of society who wouldn’t usually have the chance to express themselves through these mediums. You know, at this point, there are actually entire films which are entered in film festivals and things like that that are filmed on mobile phones, and when you’re watching the film, you can’t even tell. You can’t even tell that it’s filmed on a mobile phone. It’s not like some kind of gimmick or something, it is literally just filmed on a mobile phone and it looks good that way. When I first saw the movie, I couldn’t even tell, but afterwards was somebody told me, I shouldn’t have been as shocked as I was.

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2 Gift Ideas For The Hubs

By on March 25, 2017

I can’t wait for my husband’s birthday this year. In previous years I have been so nervous. It’s so hard to select a gift for somebody you love. I love him a lot, but that does not mean that I always know exactly what to get him. Right now, I am considering two things: 1) I was browsing around on Survival cooking, who seems to give VERY WELL-WRITTEN reviews about a bunch of products for the outdoors. Those of you who know me and my hubby know that he is all about the camping and outdoors-y things. He loves tailgating, camping, and all the things like that. So I could get him a grill, a stove, a BBQ, something like that. Maybe a tent. OR 2) On the polar opposite side of things, I began looking at the best watches under 500. I know he is not the type to wear fancy things, but I think he would love to have a fancy accessory for classy business events, christmas parties, weddings, meetings, and things like that. He often tells me he feels like a bit of a slob because he doesn’t have anything nice– but then he never buys himself anything nice! The way I see it, sometimes you have to buy your people the thing they won’t buy themselves! I think that is what separates a truly GREAT gift from one that is just nice and good– you know? The fact that it is something that a person doesn’t even REALIZE that they ACTUALLY really really really want! Maybe I am overthinking it, but I think it is important to care about what we give to our loved ones. It is one of the special things in life that we really should not take for granted. I love him lots and hope he loves the gift! — Good thing he never reads my blog!!

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Less Stress with Comfort Cam

By on February 11, 2017

People seem to be more worried about buying technological equipment these days. And they are partially right, especially when we talk about the technologies that help us to take care of our babies. We should be more careful. Some old-fashioned people feel scary when they see cameras near children. They usually think that it may be dangerous and may affect children somehow, for example, children’s physiology. I use only tested and high quality equipment. I filter everything around my baby and try to give her only the best. I am crazy about healthy food, natural products, so I try to use less chemical things.

I don’t trust the internet. So, this time I asked for help. A good friend of mine was glad to help me with choosing a camera, which will monitor my newborn baby. He suggested me to buy the ComfortCam, because she has already used it and was extremely happy with it. She shared a link to the website, where I could learn more about this product. I’ve carefully researched the website and decided to buy the ComfortCam.
It was the love from the first sight. I placed it in my daughter’s room and my friend explained me how everything works. She assumed that it is safe for my baby. That was the most important argument!
It is suggested to download a specific app to your phone in order to monitor your baby from the other rooms, or whenever you are. Finally, when everything is installed, I can feel myself more relaxed, so that I can rest a little. While I am lying in another room, Wifi baby monitor controls every movement of my girl and I can hear her.
This camera is easy to care for. Like any other camera, you may need to clean the lens and check the batteries occasionally. Also, you should keep an eye on the amount of used space by videos on the SD card, so you don’t lose any important footage in case the storage is full. Don’t worry to lose your files, because you can always transfer the recorded video from the camera to your computer or other device.
Well, I have been using ComfortCam for a long time and things are still fine. Of course, I had some problems, but I managed to solve them. In my opinion, the ComfortCam is a must for every young mother. It will definitely make your life easier and more colorful. Only imagine that you’re always with your kid, whenever you are!

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Real Estate Marketing

Great Finds From A Sale: Books On Real Estate Marketing, Crochet, and More

By on February 3, 2017

This blog post isn’t not your ordinary book review article just like what I always do here.

Let me tell you a story first. As I was on my way back home from the grocery store, I saw a garage sale at a corner two streets away from the neighborhood. I intend to just pass them by as I know garage sales just put old clothes, hand-me-downs of every sorts, and other old house materials like kitchen rack or a wooden stool are up for sale. However, a pike of old books caught my attention, causing me to stop on tracks and eye on them for a couple of minutes. As you know, I am a book lover. Its scent, its aroma tickles my nostrils and I get very giddy upon the sight of books waiting to be picked up.

I excitedly sorted the old books out. Carefully, I look in awe as I saw a lot of hardbound ones, magazines, pocketbooks, and dictionaries. I saw another girl who must have also got interested in the sale and we were both scanning the array of books for sale in no time. We were both excited to scan the books in the area that we even forgot it has other customers too who might have been distracted by the pile of books.

I already have some copies of the books that are for sale. I have Charlotte Bronte’s books already, a few reads from Janet Evanovich’s series, Dan Brown’s paperbacks, and even a couple of Nicholas Sparks read. In the side were old stacks of magazines and newsletters.

They have Reader’s Digest back issues too, In Style, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, as well as old issues of celebrity gossip magazines. Aside from novels and dusty old magazines, the pile of books also has textbooks from high school and college, which for me are perfect as I am about to enter college a year from now. Whoever must have owned them was obviously such a voracious reader just like me.

I bought books on farming, accounting, journalism, creative writing, real estate marketing, and even how to do crochet at home! I was really stunned when I saw the book sale that I completely forgot I have an afternoon date with my pal Therese in the nearby ice cream store.

I considered buying a few magazines but I thought of the many copies I bought before that I haven’t opened up. Mom will be very furious if she find out!

Good thing also I did not left my purse at home so I was able to buy the books. They only cost $15 all in all! What a good deal! I plan to come again this weekend together with my sister. I am sure she will love it. I am not just not aware when the garage sale will be closed but I hope I still have time to go there before it closes.

I will never look into garage sales the same way again after I bought books from there. Truly, you’ll find treasure in hand me downs, and even in ways and circumstances you never expected.

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What To Consider When Creating An App

By on February 1, 2017

What is your reason why you want to create an app? Is it because your business may gain a lot more sales when you delve into app development? Are your target consumers also users of apps?

Here are some of the things you should consider for your app development and app marketing strategy:

  1. Know your audience

What is the demographics of your audience? Are they young? Old? Or are they mothers or housewives? You need to find out the profile of your target consumers so you know where to focus on for your app marketing strategy. It’s like creating a website. For good website builder, they also consider these factors, and a whole lot more before making a move.

2. Effectivity

Is the app effective? Is it helpful? Can it answer a pressing problem of one community? Is it easy to use and navigate? Dwell on these factors first before you start creating the app.

3. Have it reviewed before launching

You do not want to have negative feedback from users who downloaded the app. First, you have to have it for review. Submit them for review in various websites which do the work. Or better yet, test them yourself or let your friends do the critic.

Check this infographic to know more about launching and developing your app. Hope this helps and good luck!

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This Vehicle From Unu Motors Is A Must-Buy

By on January 11, 2017

Have you ever heard of vehicles run by electricity? In Germany, one transportation company boasts of its automotive which offers a better way of transportation for its customers. It does not just offers a vehicle from going to point A to point B. It changes the way we see transportation for its innovative way. What they are unique at is the mere fact that the scooters use electricity and not fuel. It lessens impact to the environment unlike other vehicles which contributes to air pollution when emit hazardous gas.

The company I am talking about is Unu Motors. It is a Netherlands-based business which is slowly making a name in the world as one of the makers of quality electric scooters for the public.

While the scooter’s features are one good thing, what they really boast of is its many benefits not only for the customers but for the community as well. First, let us tackle its advantage for the clients.

  1. Use of electricity

Like I previously said, Unu Motor’s scooters, or what they call as ‘elektrische scooter,’ are driven by electricity. To lessen the pollution and hassle to the owner to gas up every now and then.

  1. Portable battery

Yes, you can bring its ready to grab battery. ll so you need to worry when you ran out of batery. It is portable, easy to carry, and convenient to use.

  1. Shop online

Of course, this company will not let their customer service be at the bottom compared to other companies. You can shop online, set delivery date, and even air your questions, suggestions, and concerns about the product you purchased through online. This is really convenient and useful for people who do not have the time to go directly to their repair shop or physical store just to inquire something.

Now, let us list down the benefits for the community.

  1. Lessen pollution

Yes, it lessens air pollution because it is powered by electricity.

  1. It runs quietly

This is the amazing part, it can be used without too much noise compared to other vehicles. You will not realize you are using a vehicle at all because it creats no sound.

So, are you convinced of buying an Unu Motors product just like me? I suggest you go directly to their website and check it out yourself!


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A Brief Guide to Stock Photography

By on January 6, 2017

So, the internet is a wonderful thing. I love writing blog posts, and I’m grateful every day for what I do and the fact that I have an attentive audience who is willing to read it. So, I want to start this post by thanking you for being so receptive and amazing. It really comma despite the amazing amount of great things here on the internet, there are some resources that always seem to be lacking. It’s so annoying, because there are so many great versions of the exact same thing, and then so many things that only have mediocre resources. It’s a trend I notice a lot, like the fact that there are so many amazing platforms for building websites and blogs, so many email browsers that are totally effective, a lot of different ways to consume media, but, somehow, there is not a single stock photography website that satisfies me or any of my other bloggers friends. I’m serious, it’s a totally real thing, no matter how hard we have looked, we have not been able to find a stock photography website or resource that has satisfied us.

This is a big deal. If you’re not familiar with stock photography or its purpose, I’ll briefly explain it to you. Stock photography databases are big resources filled with photos that have been contributed by different photographers and websites and things like that. When bloggers make a blog post, you’ll notice that we almost always attach an image.

That way, if it’s shared on social media or something like that, there is a picture that goes along with the article. In a perfect world, that picture would always be engaging and interesting, as we are completely sure, and it’s been scientifically proven actually, that humans are famous for judging a book by it’s cover, and only reading something if it’s, for whatever reason, appeals to them by how it looks first.

So comma allow me to now, allow me to bring a note of positivity to this post, so it doesn’t seem like I’m just complaining. I was just trying to give context, gosh. Anyway, recently one of my fellow bloggers pointed me in the direction of EyeEm and it was absolutely eye-opening, no pun intended. I was so happy with these images, that I actually paid to have premium membership on this site, and now I am living a life full of abundance of images, images which I love, too attached to the articles that come from my mind and my heart.

Yes, it’s a big deal, and I’m very grateful that I now have a great source first  Stock Photos

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What To See And Do In Vancouver

By on November 16, 2016

So,  in case you didn’t know, I actually just took a little trip up to Vancouver. Vancouver it’s a Canadian city and it’s a real gem. Lately, Vancouver keeps being listed on collections of the best cities in the world, and now that I visited it is totally easy to see why. Vancouver has the best of the American Pacific Northwest, combined with the best things about Canada and their values. It’s like nowhere else I’ve ever been, except I guess it’s a little bit like Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco but it is also way different. It’s hard to describe. However, what’s not hard to describe is the best things that I did when I was in the city that made me the most satisfied. So, in case you’re ever planning on heading over to the Canadian West Coast Capital, here are some tips and hints that will help you enjoy your trip.

  1. Nature. Vancouver is one of those amazing cities that has all sorts of natural elements. Well, I guess I shouldn’t say “one of those cities” because quite frankly I’ve never experienced another city like Vancouver in this way. In the same day you can climb a mountain, go to the beach, and take a walk in the rain forest. If you’re there in the winter, there is amazing skiing that you can do as well, and places to go skating. This is totally unique and it is one of the most Charming things about Vancouver, because it is a super Urban City that gives you the natural wonders that most cities deprive you of. Here you can Vancouver condos for sale and you might want to get some!

  1. Food. The food is absolutely incredible. Especially the sushi. I think that it has a lot to do with the amount of people from the continent of Asia, but there are all sorts of amazing Cuisine options. Like I said though, the sushi is very inexpensive and very high quality, it’s about as good as I’ve ever gotten on this continent!

  1. Consider buying real estate. Okay okay hear me out, maybe this is just me, but when I really fell in love with this city like this– I feel I would gently consider investing in a piece of property. I called a Vancouver Realtor about this, and explain that I was only a potential buyer, but he was super nice about it and decided to show me some properties that were in the price range that I quoted. Mostly, he showed me Burnaby condos for sale. Burnaby is right beside Vancouver, it is also a big city, and it is connected to Vancouver with all sorts of public transit and things. It’s basically the same city, but it actually has some features that are better than the city itself. You may also want to check out Coal Harbour condos for sale which might suit your interests.


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Bookish Musings #5

By on February 10, 2012

Bookish Musings is a meme that addresses random bookish topics that are on my mind.
Have your own musings? Leave a link in the comments.

harry potter & the deathly hallows part 2

“I solemnly swear I am up to no good.” It’s hard to believe that the end has come and gone, but what an end it was. Like the crazy fan I am, I went to the midnight premiere with my sister, our best friend, and her mum. We waited in line for three and a half hours in order to get a good seat (we ended up first in line for our showing!)! It was absolutely and completely worth it. Walking out of the theatre afterward, I was unsure how I felt about the film. It was just so big and huge that it was hard to process, not to mention the fact that it was about two-thirty in the morning. Anyhow I had a hard time focusing and creating any cohesive thoughts about it, so I decided to wait until I saw it a second time before writing out how I felt.

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