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Great Finds From A Sale: Books On Real Estate Marketing, Crochet, and More

By on February 3, 2017

This blog post isn’t not your ordinary book review article just like what I always do here.

Let me tell you a story first. As I was on my way back home from the grocery store, I saw a garage sale at a corner two streets away from the neighborhood. I intend to just pass them by as I know garage sales just put old clothes, hand-me-downs of every sorts, and other old house materials like kitchen rack or a wooden stool are up for sale. However, a pike of old books caught my attention, causing me to stop on tracks and eye on them for a couple of minutes. As you know, I am a book lover. Its scent, its aroma tickles my nostrils and I get very giddy upon the sight of books waiting to be picked up.

I excitedly sorted the old books out. Carefully, I look in awe as I saw a lot of hardbound ones, magazines, pocketbooks, and dictionaries. I saw another girl who must have also got interested in the sale and we were both scanning the array of books for sale in no time. We were both excited to scan the books in the area that we even forgot it has other customers too who might have been distracted by the pile of books.

I already have some copies of the books that are for sale. I have Charlotte Bronte’s books already, a few reads from Janet Evanovich’s series, Dan Brown’s paperbacks, and even a couple of Nicholas Sparks read. In the side were old stacks of magazines and newsletters.

They have Reader’s Digest back issues too, In Style, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, as well as old issues of celebrity gossip magazines. Aside from novels and dusty old magazines, the pile of books also has textbooks from high school and college, which for me are perfect as I am about to enter college a year from now. Whoever must have owned them was obviously such a voracious reader just like me.

I bought books on farming, accounting, journalism, creative writing, real estate marketing, and even how to do crochet at home! I was really stunned when I saw the book sale that I completely forgot I have an afternoon date with my pal Therese in the nearby ice cream store.

I considered buying a few magazines but I thought of the many copies I bought before that I haven’t opened up. Mom will be very furious if she find out!

Good thing also I did not left my purse at home so I was able to buy the books. They only cost $15 all in all! What a good deal! I plan to come again this weekend together with my sister. I am sure she will love it. I am not just not aware when the garage sale will be closed but I hope I still have time to go there before it closes.

I will never look into garage sales the same way again after I bought books from there. Truly, you’ll find treasure in hand me downs, and even in ways and circumstances you never expected.

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