Reviews & Ratings Policy

I would be glad to review books & novels as provided, but at this time I am only accepting books considered to be Young Adult (for a wonderful explanation of YA & its various sub-genres click here). I prefer Romance, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Dystopian, or those exploring contemporary issues. Please note that I am somewhat selective about what I choose to read and review due to time constraints. I will be as honest as possible in my reviews, which means if I don’t like the book I will say so. I will, however, try to be specific about why I dislike it.

If you are curious about the type of books I tend to read and enjoy feel free to visit my profileat Goodreads. You may also take a look at the books I am looking forward to reading.

To contact me about reviewing a particular novel e-mail me at, with “Paper Dreams Reviews” as the subject line or fill out this form.

Rating System:

Overall Ratings
5 Stars
: Excellent, worth rereading, favorite
4 Stars: Very good, worth rereading, keeper
3 Stars: Good, worth reading
2 Stars: Okay, not worth rereading or continuing series
1 Star: Disliked

Rating Breakdown
Each book is rated on 4 different elements: plot, writing, cover, and personally. I then take the average of these four ratings to find the overall rating.

Plot: The general storyline, pacing, etc.
Writing: The style, tone, and skill of the writing.
Cover: Rating of the cover art.
Personally: How much I liked the book.